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in Western and Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.

FDIC - Indianapolis, IN - 2018

Lancaster Co. Firemen's Association Expo - Harrisburg, PA - 2018

Firovac Power Systems Demonstration - Fayette Co., PA - 2018

Firovac tanker arrives to water source with a single operator and deploys 3 - 6" x 10' sections of lightweight suction hose with Camlock couplings along with a Firovac High Volume - Low Level Strainer.  Total Time Elapsed 3 min. 21 Sec.

No engine or staff required at fill site.  -  Total Time Per Load @ 3,000 gallons - 2 min. 45 sec.  -   All controls operated from cab.  

To find out more about the performance of Firovac Power Systems, "CLICK" on the FIROVAC logo below.

Firovac models include the RAVEN, RAVEN QP, HAWK, HAWK QP, and EAGLE QP 




2017 Freightliner M2-112 with a 2,600 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank, 500 GPM Pump Unibody, Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket with 2 - 3,000 Gallon Portable Tanks

The values and mission of our company align strategically with those of FIROVAC POWER SYSTEMS in that we choose to INNOVATE not DUPLICATE.  We are a provider of unique,  specialty equipment so we view our partnership with FIROVAC POWER SYSTEMS as a tremendous opportunity to provide BEST-IN-CLASS TANKERS and TENDERS to our fire service and municipal customers.

Taking into consideration the majority of our regions municipalities are protected by VOLUNTEER fire service personnel, staffing is not always predictable for every department.  A highly trained and motivated group of firefighters is a key component during fire suppression operations, although they must have the ability to apply large quantities of WATER to the fire in the most efficient manner possible.  Unfortunately, the management of municipal and rural water systems is not under the immediate control of most of our fire service leaders.

The challenge of supplying large quantities of water for fire suppression operations is not limited to just rural fire districts who serve large geographic areas without the abundance of fire hydrants or for that matter, a municipal water system.

How many times during the last twelve months have you read an article in your local paper or viewed a story during your local newscast that attributed the fire related loss of life or property to an insufficient water supply. 


Many municipalities are positioned along rivers or in areas where another abundant source of water is present although the ability to mobilize that water is not available.

The most recent innovation to address these challenges is vacuum apparatus and the INNOVATOR was Firovac™ by Reberland Equipment Inc.  A system much larger than a “primer pump” extracts air from the water tank and loads water at 1000-1500 gpm, then reverses the air flow to pressure unload water at 1500-2000 gpm. 


This is accomplished with a single piece of apparatus and 1-2 firefighters.  No other unit or staff are needed to supply the maximum amount of water with the minimum amount of persons and equipment!  Initial set up time is much faster and the ability to access nearby static water sources significantly expedites water delivery.

Our mission is not just to sell fire trucks or invent something new or different.  It is to improve water supply with an efficient uncomplicated system.  Vacuum apparatus is changing the culture of both rural and urban firefighting.

Firovac does EVERYTHING a conventional apparatus does and then goes beyond into the next generation of performance.   


Are you willing to give us the opportunity to provide your department with the most efficient piece of fire apparatus that is capable of moving the highest volume of water in the shortest amount of time while utilizing the least amount of personnel and no support engines?  

We Look Forward To Speaking With You.




2017 Freightliner 108 4-Door Cab, Eagle Body with 1 - Full High Side Compartment, a 2,000 Gallon Polished Aluminum Tank, a 1500 GPM Darley Pump, 3 Air Operated Water Valves, 1 Firovac Power Portable Tank Bracket that holds 2 - 2,500 Gallon Portable Tanks

Are you having issues with transfer strainers staying in place at high water flow rates?


Engineered to pull itself to the tank floor WITHOUT pulling up the tank liner, our strainer WILL NOT raise off the tank floor, or float.  In fact, the higher the flow rate, the more it pulls itself to the tank floor.

Initial testing shows that at 1000 GPM it takes 25 lbs. of force to pull the strainer off the floor, and at 1700 GPM,  it takes 50 lbs. of force to pull the strainer off the tank floor.

Using less "parasitic" water to accomplish these flow rates makes it very efficient.

Orifice size can be easily changed depending on pump size and desired flow rate.


Designed to draft from almost any static water source, this strainer has a 210 square inch screened area with a detachable bottom pan that WILL NOT restrict the volume of water that Firovac is capable of supplying.

(Capable of drafting up to 1000 GPM)

When loading from shallow water, the pan allows the strainer to rest on the floor and permits the strainer to draw water in through the sides.  In deeper water, the pan can be detached to allow water to be drafted from below, thus avoiding any surface debris.