One of our greatest joys continues to be our Morkie dogs Maslow and Gizmo.  No matter how hard a day has been, Maslow and Gizmo are always there to make things better.  Maslow transitioned into our lives smoothly although Gizmo provided us with a number of challenges from day one.  Shortly after Gizmo's arrival, he was diagnosed with a heart defect that needed immediate attention.  Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center performed the surgery that saved Gizmo's life and the Animal Care and Assistance Fund eased the financial burden of the procedure.  After experiencing the compassion, care, and assistance provided by PVSEC, we now do our very best to support the charities, groups, and organizations that provide animals with lifesaving services.


Animals rely on our love and care so please treat them with the same unconditional loyalty they provide their masters.






Technical Rescue is a challenge in and of itself when saving human lives but when the incident involves an animal that needs to be rescued, the specialized training, preparation, and deployment seemingly becomes a science.


We are proud to support the efforts of the Westmoreland CART.


Please click on the photo to visit the Team's Facebook page.

Please click on the Animal Care & Assistance Fund logo which will take you directly to the Donation page of their website.  Your generous donation will provide much needed veterinary care to animals who may otherwise suffer needlessly.  ACAF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



Highlands Emergency Services Alliance and Highlands High School formed a partnership in 2008-2009 to instruct students in fire fighting and emergency responder skills. The course, the first of its kind in the nation, evokes social responsibility, encourages maturity and compassion and recruits volunteer firefighters for our community.


HESA consists of fire departments from Brackenridge, Fawn, Tarentum and Harrison. Companies currently in the alliance include: Pioneer Hose Co. in Brackenridge; Fawn Township VFC #2 in Fawn; Citizens Hose Fire Rescue, Hilltop Hose Co. #3, Harrison Hills VFC #4 in Natrona Heights, and Highlands Hose Co., Eureka Fire Rescue and Summit Hose Co. in Tarentum.



The Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation is an independent charitable organization registered with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Pennsylvania Department of State as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.


In existence since 1983, the Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation serves the entire Alle-Kiski Valley by helping to improve the health, wellness and quality of life for those who live or work in the region.  The Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation invests many thousands of dollars each year in the Alle-Kiski Valley through grants, programs and services that help fulfill its mission.  All of the Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation’s programs and services are provided to the community free of charge.

The Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation is NOT part of any hospital or other organization.  It is funded through charitable contributions from caring individuals who feel the need to give something back and through modest investment income.


All funds raised through the generosity of caring individuals from throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley are used for projects, grants and services in the Alle-Kiski Valley, hence our long-standing slogan, "All Funds Raised at Home, Stay at Home."


For more information about the Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation and the concepts expressed herein, please contact John Pastorek, President & CEO at (724) 294-3157.

The goal of Petsmart Charities® is to find a lifelong, loving, home for every pet.


Petsmart Charities® get closer every day with adoption events and centers, pet rescue programs and support for spay / neuter efforts.


Please consider a donation because a loving pet is awaiting your support.