Elite Emergency Lighting and Warning Equipment, LLC is an Authorized CMC Rescue Equipment Dealer.  Partnering with CMC Rescue enables us to provide our customers with the experience, knowledge, and support of an employee owned ISO9001 certified company.  CMC Rescue emphasizes safety, quality, and the highest levels of service possible.


When choosing your equipment for rescue and work at height, specify what the professionals use, CMC Rescue Equipment.  


Products include Rescue Harnesses, Belts, Hardware, Anchor Devices, Rope, Cordage, Webbing, Swiftwater Rescue Supplies, Rope & Equipment Bags.


West Virginia based CMI Corporation prides itself on its belief in the American worker and quality American manufactured products.  From concept to completion utilizing a total of 15 Haas CNC machines, CMI utilizes all American sourced raw materials.


CMI prodcues an extensive line of rappel racks, escape devices, figure 8 rings, and rigging hardware.

Petzl is a premier supplier of equipment for technical rescue professionals which includes but is not limited to fall arrest, work positioning, personal escape systems, along with difficult to access and confined space rescue system products.  


Also included in Petzl's line of extraordinary products are specialized helmets and headlamps used during rescue technical rescue operations.


For 40 years PMI has been developing and producing life safety rope, gear and equipment for your vertical needs. As a company founded and run by rescuers, cavers, climbers and rope access technicians we have a deep understanding of what it takes to work and play at height and we strive to minimize any risks by providing high quality, innovative gear.

Omega Pacific provides carabiners, pulleys, and ice gear for rescue, tactical, industrial, and recreational applications.


With the widest array of carabiners on the market today, Omega Pacific offers both steel and aluminum non-locking, Keylock, and 3-Stage Quik-Lok carabiners.


The Stearns brand, a subsidiary of the Coleman Company, offers search and rescue teams, industry, and the military, some of the finest personal flotation devices (PFD's), inflatables, anti-exposure wear, float coats, and safety vests.  


Yates Gear was started in 1982 by James and John Yates, with its foundation being manufacturing mountaineering and rock climbing equipment. Over the years, innovative, functional, comfortable and safe products have set Yates apart in the climbing, technical rescue and tactical equipment arena.


GP RESCUE is committed to finding the world’s best rescue brands and getting them into the hands of America’s first responders.  Specializing in equipment for water rescue and flood evacuation, GP RESCUE provides head-to-toe options for firefighters, emergency management officials, and other first responders.

GP RESCUE represents international manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality rescue equipment.  Their products include drysuits, thermal layers, throw bags, boots, inflatable boats, and aluminum boats. GP RESCUE can provide or source any product your team may require.


Gemtor, Inc. is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of fall protection, confined space retrieval and rescue equipment.  All Gemtor products are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in the industry, always meeting and usually exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards.  



Conterra has been building technical equipment for over 28 years in Bellingham Washington.  All products bearing the CONTERRA label are hand built in the UNITED STATES by skilled workers, at a living wage.

All of CONTERRA equipment is proudly made in USA and features a lifetime guarantee.

Supplier of premium quality rope, accessory cord, climb spec tubular webbing, belts, harnesses, hardware, rope and chalk bags, and sewn rope products.


ISC offers a wide range of products for Rope Access and Rescue professionals.  ISC is the engineering and manufacturing expertise behind the RED Back-up Device and the D4 Work/Rescue Descender.  In addition to specialist ascent/descent devices, ISC offers a comprehensive range of Portable Anchor Devices, Work Positioning Lanyards, Rescue Kits and a full range of Carabiners and Pulleys.


SMC is a mountaineering and technical rescue brand that produces elite equipment. SMC designs and manufactures sport and rescue hardware to aircraft industry standards while remaining true to a heritage of excellence and innovation. Seasoned climbers and rescue personnel depend on the reliable performance of SMC gear in the most critical situations and demanding conditions around the globe.

Rock Exotica manufactures some of the most innovative pulleys, swivels, rigging plates, decenders, rope grabs, and carabiners in addition to the Aztek System and Enforcer Load Cell.


                        Be Aware ....  EXPERT USE ONLY !

The Junkin Safety product line includes Stainless Steel/Plastic One and Two Piece Basket Stretchers, Lifting Bridles, Rescue Chairs, Backboards, Immobilization Supplies, and First Aid and Fire Blankets.

New England Ropes offers both static and dynamic ropes, throw lines, heat resistant rope, and accessory cords.  

When seconds count and a vehicle is near; for rigging an anchor, the choice is clear!

Introducing the Instant Anchor, a device designed by a Firefighter for anyone needing a quick anchor attachment.  This simple device is specifically designed and engineer tested to meet the needs of Firefighters, SWAT Teams, Arborists, Military, Rescuers, and even Sport Climbers. 

Skedco, located in Tualatin, Oregon is the manufacturer of the popular SKED Stretcher System.  Additionally, Skedco manufacturers stretchers, spinal immobilization products, splints, and specialty bags and packs for fire service, police, EMS, HAZMAT, industry, mortuary, and the military.  Jumpable bags and packs are available for aviation based applications.