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Handheld & Aerial Thermal Imaging Cameras for Firefighting

In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera is indispensable – a vital tool that helps you quickly visualize your plan of attack, locate hot spots, and save lives.

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FLIR manufactures the highest quality and most affordable products that will meet the budget requirements of both small and large departments.

Virtually Test Drive FLIR K-Series Thermal Cameras Before You Buy

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Introducing the Instant Anchor, a device designed by a Firefighter for anyone needing a quick anchor attachment.  If you have a securely installed 2" reciever on your vehicle, you can rig a secure anchor point in seconds. 

Instant Anchor meets NFPA 1983 (2001 Ed.) G (General Use) MBS 40 K/N.

With 9 rigging points and two more webbing slots, you will not be hurting for attachments points with this anchor plate.

All Steel Construction, Certified Welders, Strength Tested, Laser Cut, Powder Coated, and MADE IN AMERICA!



Stay light, fast and ultra organized with the innovative RigTech Pack™.


The pack was designed to fulfill ongoing requests from rescue teams around the country in need of a specialized solution for keeping their rigging equipment in order and securely loaded when in the field.

The full-featured backpack delivers uncompromised comfort, stability and organization for backcountry and urban rescue and REM teams as well as rope access technicians.

Winter is here and so are chimney fires.  The Chimney Snuffer quickly and safely suppresses chimney fires using an ultra-fine spray, greatly reducing potential water damage.  The durable 5 pound (2.3 kg) nozzle head is simply operated by a single firefighter and easily breaks through potential blockages within the chimney.  Eight strategically placed nozzles provide 40 gallons (150 liters) per hour at 60psi (4 bar), allowing the Chimney Snuffer to be supplied by an attack line, 1" (25 mm) line, or even a garden hose.




Personal escape system with anchor hook adapted for locations where the possibility of finding an anchor point is uncertain.


The EXO personal escape system consists of four elements: an anchor hook adapted for locations where the possibility of finding an anchor point is uncertain; a self-braking system for quickly moving horizontally, climbing through a window and controlling and stopping a descent; a rope that resists abrasion and high temperatures (length: 15 m / diameter: 7.5 mm); a bag for transporting and attaching the system directly to the harness.  Other rope lengths available by special order.

Words cannot adequately describe what Rock Exotica has added to the technical rescue and sport climbing industries.  A never ending vision toward innovation coupled with technology and a staunch attention to detail has made Rock Exotica an industry leader in design, marketing, and manufacturing.


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Unmatched Kink Resistance

High Flow Capabilities / Increased GPM

Reduced Friction Loss / Superior Heat Resistance / Rugged Durability

Double Dip "Key-Lok" Process Standard

Designed for Low-Pressure High-Volume Nozzles

Available in 1-3/4", 2", and 2-1/2" Diameters in Clear, Green, Yellow, and Orange Colors.




We are pleased to announce that our customers now have access to the finest line of Large Diameter Hose (LDH) appliances in the industry as we have are now a distributer for Harrington Inc.


Harrington Hydrant Storz adapters, with metal face, permanently changes main hydrant outlets from threads to Storz.  The kit Includes hard anodized adapter, metal face and cap with stainless aircraft cable and stainless steel set screw to prevent unscrewing from the hydrant.



 The unique design concept for the EZ Spanner Ratcheting Fire Hydrant Wrench came to Los Angeles Fire Department Engineer Dennis Garrison after suffering an on-the-job back injury while opening one of Los Angeles’s almost impossible to open hydrants.  The EZ Spanner line of tools promotes FIREFIGHTER SAFETY through vision and innovation which ultimately led to the creation of these innovative tools.




Husky Portable Containment has risen to be one of the top portable containment manufacturers in the world.  Husky has achieved this by focusing on the goal to manufacture the most durable and the most convenient portable containment products in the world.


In addition to portable containment products, Husky supplies a wide array of Strainers, Single and Double Supply Line Brackets, Drain Tube Clamps, Hard Suction Hose Stands, Drain Connectors, Ground Covers, Repair Kits, Tank Racks, Salvage Covers and Runners along with HAZMAT containment and decontamination pools.









THE PIG is an innovative and beautifully simple, fire service tool that was developed by an experienced Austin, Texas Firefighter. Firefighting has evolved and THE PIG has arrived to devour every assignment in its path.


MPD™ (Multi-Purpose Device)

The MPD allows you to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware. More than nine years of research and development went into the patented Multi-Purpose Device (MPD), which features major innovations in advanced technical hardware for rope rescue professionals. The MPD’s high-efficiency pulley, with an integral rope-grab mechanism, allows it to be used as a lowering device on the main line and belay line systems and be quickly changed over to a raising system without switching out or replacing hardware. The combination of essential features into a single device simplifies on-scene rigging, expediting the rescue. The revolutionary MPD increases user safety with:

  • Reduced Weight

  • Fewer Components

  • Faster Rigging

  • Quick Changeovers

  • Simplified Training

  • Lower Risk

ResQmax™ Swiftwater Rescue Kit


The Sling Projectile inflates on contact with the water to become a flotation collar for the subject or, at minimum, an easy-to-hold floating ring. The 300-foot (91-m) 8-mm Polyspectra line floats and has a tensile strength of 9.8 kN (2,200 lbf). The average launch distance with the sling projectile is 200 feet (61 m).


Products included:

ResQmax Launcher with Folding Stock

Streamline Sling Projectile with 2 spare molded sling burst capsules

300 ft. (91 m) x 8 mm Polyspectra Line with large line container (9.8 kN/2,200 lbf. test)

Spares Kit

Corrosion Block Lubricant/Rust Inhibitor, 4 oz

Streamline Filler Hose Assembly

CORDURA®Kit Carry Bag, Red/Black

Streamline Nozzle Protectors (pack of 5)

CO2 Capsules and H20 Soluble Bobbins (Pack of 5)

Operation Manual